But…I don’t want to go to the gym…


This title is completely the opposite of what I normally preach. I really love the gym. I am in my zone there. However–I realize the gym is a very scary place for some. It can be intimidating. You’re worried that you don’t know what you’re doing. You think people are looking at you. Let me tell you that all of those feelings are so normal, and so common. I was that person at one point. I hated being on a treadmill when someone was behind me on another machine. I thought, “Oh they are probably staring at my cellulite through my yoga pants!”.

Now, I could care less, and why do I think…

I’m SO special that someone is just sitting there staring at my butt? ha!

So yes, maybe you don’t like the gym. Maybe you do. Maybe you have an awesome routine going on but are going on vacation. Maybe you don’t have childcare and really want to get that work out in. Below I am going to give you a 30-45 minute workout that you can do at home–in the gym–on vacation–on the street–in TJ MAXX–wherever your little heart desires!

This is a stacked workout designed to target your Legs and your Core…you will get the name when you see what it is.

Do each exercise for 30-45 seconds or the amount of reps listed with the exercise to get in an awesome workout! Now–what makes this a stacked workout?

You will go in this order

1, 1-2, 1-2-3, 1-2-3-4,….you get the idea.

So…You will do the wall sit 8x because you start each new round with that exercise, and each time you go through, you add on the next exercise on the list! Now…GO! Get it!

  1. 1. Wall Sit (30-45 seconds) 

  2. How to do this: Put your back against the wall, feet are out in front of you, lower yourself down to a point where the muscles in your legs engage. The goal is to eventually get your hips in line with your knees, but if your not there yet, that is OK! You will get there…be patient with yourself. Form TIP: Make sure your knees are stacked over your ankles or just in front. You do not want your knees out over your toes. If they are scoot your feet a little bit further out. images-1
  3. 2. Crunches (24 reps)

  4. How to do this: Lay on your back with your knees bent. Legs are at hip distance. Place your palms at ears or use them to support your head. Raise your chest off the ground until you feel your core engage and then lower to the starting position.
  5. crunches_0
  6. 3. Static Lunges (12-16 per side)

  7. How to do this: Stand up with feet at a neutral stance, chest up shoulders relaxed. Take a big step back with one of your feet. Toes should be pointing straight in front of you. Tuck your tail bone under you and drop your back knee down towards the ground. You are not moving forward at all, your hips should be moving straight down. Also–just like the wall sit, don’t let your front knee extend out over your toe. Think about driving your body back up to starting position but placing pressure in the heel of your front foot. Repeat for 12-16 reps on each side–but make sure if you do one amount on one side, you make it even on the other side!
  8. Unknown-1
  9. 4. Side Plank (20-30 seconds on each side)

  10. How to do this: There are a few variations of this exercise that you can choose. They are also shown in the picture below. You can stack knees, stack feet, be on one palm, or be on a forearm. Let’s start with a modified side plank…see how this feels. lay on your side, stack your knees, take your palm directly under your shoulder and push yourself up into a side plank. Think about pulling your top hip up towards the ceiling. If you want to challenge yourself a little more, straighten out your legs and stack your feet. If you want a bigger challenge, you can raise your top leg up. This will challenge your strength and balance!
  11. Unknown-2
  12. 5. Plie or Sumo Squats (16-24 reps)

  13. How to do this: Start with taking a wide stance. You rotate your toes out to “10 & 2”. Lower yourself down into a plie squat, your knees should track out over your toes. Make sure you keep your upper body tall–think chest up, butt down. You should be feeling this mainly in your inner thighs.
  14. Unknown-4
  15. 6. Bicycle Crunches (30-45 seconds)

  16. How to do this: Lay down on the floor, bring one knee in towards your chest. The other leg is out at about 45 degrees or lower (hovering above the floor). You should feel your lower abs engage. Now take your hands to ears, raise your shoulders off the ground, engaging your upper abdominals. Bring your opposite shoulder to opposite knee and then switch. Instead of thinking about bringing your elbow over to knee, think about bringing your shoulder around to the bent knee.
  17. Unknown-5
  18. 7. Body Weight Squats (16-24 reps)

  19. How to do this: Start with feet him distance or slightly wider. Sit your butt back like you are reaching to sit in a chair. You want to make sure your knees stay behind your toes and that you are not hinging your upper body forward. Think about keeping your weight back in your heels and driving out of your heels to return you to the starting position.
  20. Below is a photo of my Tuesday morning Butts&Guts class rocking their squats! (We did this whole workout this morning…it flew by and they loved it!)
  21. Click here to check out the group fitness schedule at Monmouth Fitness Club—>MFC GroupX
  22. IMG_4763

8. Plank (Hold for 30-60 seconds)

How to do this: Take your palms directly under your shoulders. You should have a straight line from shoulder to wrists. You can take the variation of being on forearms if your wrists don’t like this. Come up onto your toes. You want your body to be flat like a board. Your hips are not sagging and they are not lifted up high, making your body like a pyramid. You can modify this exercise by dropping onto your knees. If you do modify this, make sure your hips and back are not drooping or sagging. You want a straight line from the crown of your head to heels or knees!

Well that is it! Like I said before, this is a workout you can take anywhere with you. Don’t be afraid to start with the modified version, or the smaller amount of reps. We all start somewhere, but the thing is–YOU have to START! Good luck!


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